About Us

DÈVASTÈE is a French collection brand founded in 2004 by Ophélie Klère and François Alary. Two designers are romantic high school couples and long-standing business and life partners. Born in southern France and currently living in Limogne, France, where they have their inspiration for their collections observing and breathing in beautiful nature and all the living things in nature. The designers are against trend-sensitivity and always pursue designs which will be chic and modern even after 10 or 20 years. In rapidly changing fashion world, they firmly keep their worldview and philosophy and melt them into their collections every season. They believe the most special and important thing about designs is that brand’s themes, aesthetics must remain unchanged and sustainable. This is the brand DÈVASTÈE’s philosophy and belief.

The Brand

DÈVASTÈE is called Comme des Garcons of France, since it shows a special world with unique patterns and bold cutting with achromatic colors. Based on two colors, black and white, only achromatic colors such as silver and gray are used. Because of the simples color palettes, collections can be heavy and boring, but with graphic print patterns full of humor and wit, every season, many DÈVASTÈE’s fans are waiting for its new creative patterns with DEBBY. DEBBY, a character of the brand, transforms into more than 100 different facial expressions and gives the brand's fans a pleasant smile. Inspired by various emotions such as love, humor, and even life and death. DÈVASTÈE is a luxury brand representing French chic with a unique concept featuring lively patterns, unique use of materials, and silhouette completeness. Starting in 2021, in addition to the luxury collection line, it launched the casual line, so customers of 20s and 30s can enjoy this beautiful, fun, and chic brand. Young people, who have not been able to easily access to DÈVASTÈE, are also falling in love with cute and humorous Debby.